I am amazed at how research can take a long time to complete and then to publish.  Like the recent cell phone study that says, and I am paraphrasing, “… there may be a link between certain brain cancer and cell phones – or there might not be – we (the researchers) can’t agree… so we waited 5 yrs or so to publish…  we needed time to discuss”

Well better late than never…  almost 10 years after 9/11 there is a new research report, well the headline says it all.  There was a rise in miscarriage following 9/11.  And a surprise to me, the increase in miscarriage led to a drop in boy birthrate…  apparently boy fetus are more impacted by stress…  and apparently this is a well documented effect; male birth rates drop following disasters.

We know stress can have debilitating effects, and 9/11 certainly was stressful (sounds like the understatement of the century).  So I get the drop in birthrate, the increase in miscarriage.

Wondering if you have a 9 yr. old…  do you know more boys than girls? Any thoughts?

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Being a mom just makes me happy!  I just focus on all the positives – like how it feels when I come home and hear my sons quick footsteps as he runs towards me saying, “Mommy is home”, followed by a big hug and kiss.  I think of all the fun things we do.  

Experts say this is typical (focusing on the good), but in reality motherhood can be stressful and impact you mood (really?)  They also give 8 tips on how to be a happier mom.  I listed some below or click HERE for the full story:

     Admit when stressed:  sometimes when you are caught up in the moment this can be hard to do.  I have been making a conscious effort to “check in with myself” – sounds odd?  Maybe, but it is working!

     Get enough sleep:  I have worked it out with my spouse that one morning a month we get to sleep in (if we can do more we do that, but we are taking little steps at a time).  I didn’t even think I could stay in bed past 7, but now I can.  And it is delicious!

Click HERE to learn more about all 8 in detail.

Let me know what you think…

Dear OurHopePlace.com,

Here is something for your blog on getting pregnant naturally.  I have helped couples get pregnant naturally even when doctors said that IVF may not be successful. Recently, I got to hold the baby of of one of my clients and it was pure joy!

Here are some tips on increasing fertility. I use my SPISE framework (Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Sexual and Emotional) to help clients. Stress and lifestyle play a large role in the body’s blocking pregnancy. It is very important to take a holistic integral approach.

– Spiritual. Visualizing seeing yourself getting pregnant. Meditate for one minute each day with this wonderful vision in your mind,

– Physical. Diet and exercise are key to preparing the body for a new baby. Try these different innovative foods such as Goji berries and Kombucha drinks. For exercise, do cat stretches for one minute. They get the energy moving in vital parts of the body and reproductive energy centers.

– Intellectual. Worry about not getting pregnant has a powerful psychological effect on the body. Reading funny and inspirational stories increases endorphins, which help the woman’s well-being.

– Sexual. Orgasms increase the likelihood of conception. Have fun with your sex life!

– Emotional. Is the woman/couple happy? Unhappiness puts a large stress on the woman’s body acting as a barrier to conception.

Have a blissful day,

Dawn T. Clare

President, Spisebliss.com


“Do what you love, be with those you love, and your whole life falls into Bliss.” D. T. Clare