I suddenly lost a boy when I was 22 1/2 weeks along in 2005. We were stunned – our house was in shambles because we were prepping his room. We knew on the way to the hospital he was not going to be with us, but the nurses seemed to tiptoe around that fact until we point blank said to them – we know he’s not viable, just tell us what’s going to happen next. It was a horrible, stunning experience but it strengthened us and we were determined to try again. We had another beautiful boy in 2006. He’s about to turn 2 and he is the joy of our lives. I am now pregnant again with a girl, due in December… she’s our little surprise. 🙂

I think what surprised me about our experience was finding out how many women experience a loss. Even though our late loss was quite rare (about 1% of the cases) I had no idea how common miscarriage is. Women I’ve known for years and women who were merely acquaintances would tell me their stories. That communication was so valuable to me. I think it is so important that women feel it’s okay to talk about it. It is not shameful. You are not defective.

I hope my story will give others hope,

I was at a presentation the other day, the speaker was sharing his “Life Lessons From 25 Years In Corporate America”.  It was a generous speech, touching, with one thing that really stuck out to me.  He discussed the power of “and”.  His point was why choose?  Why should I have to choose top line sales growth or margin improvement; why couldn’t I have both.  He went on to share stories where he refused to choose, refused to compromise, rather he set a vision and a plan to achieve both vs or.  And it struck me that often in my life I have felt the need to choose; that it couldn’t all be good.  So now I challenge that thought – why can’t I have more good in my life?  I have since forced myself to think differently, I think about “and”.  Guess what?  It is working and I feel suddenly liberated…  


I hope you find the power of “and”.