Being a mom just makes me happy!  I just focus on all the positives – like how it feels when I come home and hear my sons quick footsteps as he runs towards me saying, “Mommy is home”, followed by a big hug and kiss.  I think of all the fun things we do.  

Experts say this is typical (focusing on the good), but in reality motherhood can be stressful and impact you mood (really?)  They also give 8 tips on how to be a happier mom.  I listed some below or click HERE for the full story:

     Admit when stressed:  sometimes when you are caught up in the moment this can be hard to do.  I have been making a conscious effort to “check in with myself” – sounds odd?  Maybe, but it is working!

     Get enough sleep:  I have worked it out with my spouse that one morning a month we get to sleep in (if we can do more we do that, but we are taking little steps at a time).  I didn’t even think I could stay in bed past 7, but now I can.  And it is delicious!

Click HERE to learn more about all 8 in detail.

Let me know what you think…