Following my miscarriage, I did a lot of soul searching, trying to determine what really mattered.  In the past 6 years, there has certainly been times when life got so busy that I lost focus on what matters vs. what I need to do, and do, and do.  (I human, what can I say.)  Wish I had had the following back then…

On Saturday I went for a hair appointment, a much needed one because I was focused on other things, and had the chance to read a wonderful article in Redbook by Ellen Welty , 12 Questions That Will Change Your Life. In it, she asked 12 questions to reflect on…  I found it so interesting, that I wrote down the questions to keep myself on track.  And I thought you might like them as well.  Thanks Ellen!

Here are the 12 questions:

1) How do I spend my alone time?

2) Do I pay attention to my body’s needs?

3) To whom am I grateful?

4) Do I compare my life to other people’s?

5) Do I spend money on things to that speak to my soul?

6) What do I see when I look in the mirror each morning?

7) Have I figured out a way to to handle the less than perfect relationships in my life?

“8)” Do I have faith in something bigger than I am, whether it’s God or some other spiritual form?

9)What positive things do I bring to relationships with my husband, my kids, my friends?

10) Is there space in my home to do the things I love?

11) How many hours a week do I spend on the computer, TV, blackberry, other electronic device?

12) Do I feel older or younger than my years?  How often do I feel good about being the exact age I am?


Bet you are wondering about the title of this posting…  I have had an interesting and exciting day… best of all, we are helping more women and their family’s who have suffered from miscarriage… 


About a month ago I had terrible pain in my tooth/head.  Now keep in mind, I take good care of my teeth (brush, floss, check ups, everything).  Well apparently my nerve “just acted up” (like your appendix) and I needed root canal (I didn’t  know this was even possible).  


Back to the subject at hand, while waiting in the office for my appointment, I started to read the latest Redbook magazine (May, 2008 ) issue.  They had an article on “the shadow side of pregnancy“.  It really touch me as I too know that not all pregnancies end with healthy, happy babies.  I wrote to the editor of Redbook to thank them for their important article.  And they published my letter to the editor (July 2008 issue, page 16).  This small mention in a great magazine has led to a number of people visiting us/and sending bracelets (see bracelet story at to learn more).  Most importantly, we are able to help friends and family help their friends and family to cope, hope and heal after miscarriage.  And that is the brighter side of root canal…  

I read with great interest, sympathy, and a box of tissues, “The Shadow Side Of Motherhood” in the May, 2008 Redbook.  

The world is full of great wonder and great pain.  How courageous these women were to share their stories…  we need to share the word…  we need to let the healing begin/continue for women and their family’s who suffer, who are in pain…  talking and acknowledgement are the beginning.

Click here to see the full article, get your tissues ready.