I am writing as I consume the last of my apple cider vinegar in water (not too tasty, in fact, I would say YUCK).  Why am I drinking this yucky ACV?  What could possibly worth it?  It is the one of the so called natural remedy I have started over the past few years.

More importantly, my drinking apple cider got me wondering about  natural remedies and miscarriage and  infertility – and why didn’t I think of this before?

About 2 1/2 years ago I  exchanged daily seasonal allergy remedies (used to take them 365 days/yr, and it wasn’t enough) for acupuncture.  I go every 2-3 weeks.  I feel WONDERFUL post treatment!

I use a netti-pot to also help with allergies.  I had heard of netti-pots for quite some time (remember how Oprah loved them), but to be honest the idea grossed me out.  It took a while before I tried it.  In fact the only reason I tried one was because I was desperate to breathe on a business trip (you know bad air plane air and all).  Now I don’t start the day without using the netti-pot.  If you haven’t tried one, I strongly suggest it (get over the gross thinking, like many things the anticipation is worse than the reality).

This past weekend I started to take ACV and acidophilus for acid reflux.  It has only been a few days, but things are looking up.  And I feel great!

Today I went for a laser treatment (quick, in office procedure, no pain) – seems I have a (sorry this might be TMI) a little fungus on my toenail (a very mild case, not like what you see in the “before pics”) —  seems one too many pedicures.  Oh, the tragedy of it all…  how do I survive without my mani-pedi?    My podiatrist suggested, if I MUST still get a mani-pedi, I should bring benedictine (you know that little brown bottle, when you were little your parents likely put it on your cuts), and put a few drops in the water.  Even if I see someone clean the basin, I should not be satisfied.  That is because, there is water inside the unit, in the jets and they can’t clean in there…  yuck.  The dr really knows how to ruin a good mani-pedi.

So if I am willing to subject myself to drinking ACV (yuck), getting stuck with pins (actually this isn’t so bad), flushing my sinuses, choosing a laser over meds (which I hear can have some not so great side effects), and foregoing mani-pedis (sob), I wonder what natural remedies people have used for miscarriage and infertility.  And I wonder, why didn’t I ever think of this before???

So, I am off to learn more (my first quick search on google resulted in over 288,000 pages).  If you have any ideas, please post, or visit me at OurHopePlace.com (contact us).  Not sure what I will learn, but it should be an interesting journey.