Here is something for your blog on getting pregnant naturally.  I have helped couples get pregnant naturally even when doctors said that IVF may not be successful. Recently, I got to hold the baby of of one of my clients and it was pure joy!

Here are some tips on increasing fertility. I use my SPISE framework (Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Sexual and Emotional) to help clients. Stress and lifestyle play a large role in the body’s blocking pregnancy. It is very important to take a holistic integral approach.

– Spiritual. Visualizing seeing yourself getting pregnant. Meditate for one minute each day with this wonderful vision in your mind,

– Physical. Diet and exercise are key to preparing the body for a new baby. Try these different innovative foods such as Goji berries and Kombucha drinks. For exercise, do cat stretches for one minute. They get the energy moving in vital parts of the body and reproductive energy centers.

– Intellectual. Worry about not getting pregnant has a powerful psychological effect on the body. Reading funny and inspirational stories increases endorphins, which help the woman’s well-being.

– Sexual. Orgasms increase the likelihood of conception. Have fun with your sex life!

– Emotional. Is the woman/couple happy? Unhappiness puts a large stress on the woman’s body acting as a barrier to conception.

Have a blissful day,

Dawn T. Clare


“Do what you love, be with those you love, and your whole life falls into Bliss.” D. T. Clare