March 2009

More hope today…  kids and hope.  Helping kids know/identify and express their feelings.  This is something I do with my 4 yr old.  It really helps…  when he can identify and express what he is feeling we can enjoy what we are doing and avoid meltdowns (well most of the time).  Take a look below… let me know what you think.

What is Emotional Awareness:  it is the ability to identify and describe what you are feeling and to know what others are feeling.

Why is Emotional Awareness important:  it is a building block of a healthy emotional life. The more aware your child is of his feelings and the more comfortable he becomes with the full range of feelings that people experience, the easier it will be for him to connect with others. The ability to control one’s emotions when they are too strong and getting in the way of coping is improved by emotional awareness.

These activities can be done with all children (by using more complex emotions for older kids).

How can I learn more:  Click HERE .

peggygevent3Peggy Peggy Garbus is a friend of Our Hope Place who captures amazing pictures of children in black and white.  She is having an event in Wilton this Thursday night at the Rockwell Gallery – located at 379 Danbury Road in Wilton, CT.

“A Spring Snapshot and Sparkle Party” is set for Thursday, April 2nd from 6:30 to 9:30pm which will include a showing of her work, the taking of free Facebook profile photos and a preview of Silpada’s new Spring jewels.
Let us know if you are interested in either the party (a fun Ladies Night Out) or in signing up for a photo shoot for your children – see her special prices (also listed below) for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and First Communion shots. 

Peggy Garbus Photography

Peggy Garbus is well known throughout Fairfield County for her heartfelt images of children, their families and pets and is a contributing photographer to Wilton Magazine. Her most recent black andwhite giclee prints will be on display at the Gallery including her award winning photo ‘Playing at Ambler Well’ for which she received 1st place in the Wilton Arts Council Focus ’07 Photography Show.

Throughout April and May, Peggy will be conducting 20-minute mini-sessions by appointment only in the Rockwell Gallery space. Each session is designed to capture children and families for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, First Communions or just the joy of being a toddler. Peggy will even capture the loyalty and friendship of dogs with or without their owners.

The cost for the session is $75 which includes the sitting and one 5 x 7 print. Other sizes and additional prints from the session may be ordered and purchased from Peggy.

Reserve your session today or on opening night by contacting Peggy at 203-761-9816 or email Please note that the $75 sitting special is only for the mini-session dates and times listed. = Additional studio appointment dates are available at the rate of $150 which also include a 5 x 7 print.


April 10 – Mother’s Day
April 21 – Toddler Tuesday
April 22 – 1st Communion
April 24=- Dog’s Delight
April 25 – 1st Communion
April 26 – Mother’s Day
May 2 – 1st Communion
More dates coming in May


Rockwell-Wilton – located at 379 Danbury Road in Wilton. Gallery hours: Monday through Friday 10am – 5:30pm; Saturdays 10am – 5pm. Phone: (203) 762-8311. For directions and information for all Rockwell Galleries please visit:
“Friends helping friends cope, hope and heal after a miscarriage.”
Our Hope Place Blog:

Following my previous post (scroll down to see if you haven’t) on hope, optimism, and kids.   Below is a Resilience Quiz – about how your child copes with life’s ups and downs  —  and given the state of the world today, isn’t this something we all could use?  Questions around subjects like, ” how to handle a fight with your best friend”, “how to stick to a difficult task while managing frustration”, and “how to handle your team losing the big game” will provide insight on how resilient your child is and how you can help (if/when needed).

Resilience Quiz

How resilient is your child? Find out with this short quiz, developed by Dr. Karen Reivich. Each time you answer a question, you will get a resilience tip from Dr. Reivich, with suggestions for how you can use a situation to help improve your child’s resilience.  Click here.  Let me know what you think.

If you want to get involved, become an ambassador, and/or if you want to learn more:

PS:  I know these banners look the same, but they take you to slightly different places.

Every once in a while, I post something that I find so interesting, I just have to share it…  this is one of those times.  While this is usually a blog about hope and miscarriage, please indulge me this one time and check out this entry about hope and kids.  (Well to be honest, I find this so cool, I will likely post more about it.) 
There are studies on kids and resilancy and optimism.  Did you know that optimism can be learned like other skills?  I find that amazing and wonderful!  That optimistic kids do better, and they are happier.  And isn’t that what we all want for our kids – to be happy and healthy?
If you really like it too, think about becoming an ambassador.  Now I think I will have to find a way to subtly share this with my mother-in-law.

Fishful Thinking is a resource for parents to help teach their kids how to handle the ups and downs of life, approach situations with an optimistic attitude and develop confidence to reach their full potential. The program was developed in partnership with Dr. Karen Reivich, psychologist in the field of Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and mother of four. With Fishful Thinking, we believe that parents can learn to positively affect their children’s development, transform parenting frustrations into parenting successes and share more joy and happiness with their families.



There are lots of ways to get involved. And for those who are interested in getting more involved,  they are looking for parents with kids 4-12, who are well connected and enthusiastic to get involved by becoming a Fishful Thinking Ambassador. If you’re interested, great! Or, please pass this onto someone that you think might be interested in helping us. Ambassadors are given the tools (activities, videos, etc.) to spread the word throughout their networks and can compete for prizes and incentives. Ambassadors can do as little or as much as they want or are comfortable with. To become an Ambassador, sign up here. It’s a quick, two step process.   

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We entered our company  Our mision is to demystify miscarriage.  We want to make it better for people who have suffered from miscarriage (and we know from personal experience just how devastating it is…  and how much help is needed).

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A rainy Monday, I should have just stay at home, but no.  I spent the entire day seeing and being part of miscommunication.  This led to feelings of frustration and the beginning of a lack of trust on my part towards others.  What to do?  Fester?  Not me.  Not today, not on something this important.

I tried to think about the root of the cause of the miscommunication, I tried to put myself in the other person’s point of view, I thought about what was going on and what I wished would happen instead.  Then I went to the persons who could help with the miscommunication issues the most and talked to them.

How did it go?  The first meeting went well – no issues.  Person agreed there was an issue that needed to be addressed, we outlined a plan and committed.  Great, one down, one to go.

How did the second meeting go?  Well, interesting…  I was able to elicit feedback, always a good thing to get the conversation going.  I noticed at one point in time the other person was sitting with arms crossed, legs crossed – not so good.  So I asked about it…  figured I was long into this, why not., what did I have to lose?  Well that seemed to break the ice, and we started to have a great conversation, we outlined some actions that both of us could take in the future. 

I am hopeful about the next phase.  We’ll see.  I am however proud that I didn’t fester, that I said what I needed to (in hopefully a way that was ultimately well received).  Like I said, we’ll see.  Wish me luck.

Hi … so this is a little shameless (again), but here goes…

As you know, we have entered a contest with leading Moms in Business…

Please Click here to vote… by doing so you will help us raise the profile of Our Hope… this will ultimately lead to us helping more women and their families who suffer from miscarriage…

You can vote every day until the end of March… we are so close! Click here to learn more about Our Hope Place and those who suffer from miscarriage. THANKS!!!

I usually write about hope after miscarriage.  We feel that in the midst of the devastation of miscarriage, it is good to know you aren’t alone, and that others have gone on to have happy stories.   Today I am delighted to write about hope and some of the most wonderful news!!!  

A friend just told us that they will be blessed with the arrival of  their baby soon… A birth mom selected them and she is due in 6 weeks (plus or minus 2 weeks, you know how babies have their own sense of time).  A long road, a 6 year journey —  trying naturally, surgeries, multiple IVFs, and miscarriages —  that ended in the couple focussing on adoption.  Now they only have 6 weeks.  This is so exciting!  Say a prayer that all goes well with the rest of the pregnancy, the delivery, and the adoption.   

And one last note to my friends:  you have been through so much, you truly deserve this happiness!  We couldn’t be happier for you both!