September 2008

If you are in Connecticut, thought you might be interested in seeing this: on Cablevision’s “12 on Health” with host Gillian Neff.

We discuss our website, our blog and ways to help friends cope, hope and heal after a miscarriage.

Connecticut program dates and times:
Date: Saturday – Sept 27 Times: 6:30am, 10am, 1:30pm, 5:30pm
Date: Sunday – Sept 28 Times: 6:30am, 10am,12:30 pm, 4pm, 10:30 pm

-Laura and Sharon


Last week my friend wrote to let me know she had a miscarriage. She knew I had had one too… I wrote back to offer help, and sent my thoughts and prayers (something she asked for). She took me up on visiting and bringing over my grandmother’s tomato soup (sometimes a grandmother’s love provides good healing).

So I went with my grandmother’s soup, fresh from the oven brownies, a bottle of wine, and a bracelet from (I love the bracelets; still wear mine everyday.) These were all things that helped me, so I hoped they would do the same for her.

Through her tears my friend told me of her personal Hell she had been/is going through… I told her to take her time and that she didn’t have to talk if she didn’t want to. But she said that talking helped. I too was like that. I felt like I had all this sadness and pain inside that had to come out.

While she doesn’t feel like it, my friend is amazingly strong. It was a special sharing among friends that we had… while neither of us wanted to join this “miscarriage sisterhood” we are both members, and we need to help/support each other.

We all need to help each other… I know it will take time for my friend to heal. One day she will wake up, and her miscarriage won’t be the first thing she thinks of. One day she will go to sleep and her miscarriage and the loss of her baby won’t be the last thing she thinks of. I know she will eventually heal, but she will never forget. Right now, she needs support and our thoughts and prayers. Thought you could keep her in yours too.

From a recent contact at,

I’d like to help you share stories of miscarriages. I actually have two in a row and felt like there was such little support or information – yet when you mention it – it is so common. So here it goes.

Over the course of 10 months my husband and I experience two miscarriages as we tried for a child. For us, third time was a charm. Both miscarriages were detected when we went in for a 10 week ultrasound and both times, the embryo did not grow past 6 weeks. Both times resulted in a D and C. The first time this happened we were sad, but understood that miscarriages were common, when it happened a second time, we began to worry. Fortunately, we were referred to a fantastic specialist who ran us through a series of test to rule out all issues.

In June of 2007 we were blessed with a strapping 10 lb. 10 oz. boy who has brought so much joy to our lives. This past mother’s day my church held a rose ceremony inviting families to place a red rose in a vase for every child they had. They also invited families to place a white rose in the vase for every child they lost, including miscarriages. That ceremony was extremely emotional for me, not because of the joy I felt on my first mother’s day, but It had hit me that I was so focused on having a child that I didn’t mourn the two miscarriages – perhaps because they happened so early in my pregnancies.

It is so important that women talk through a miscarriage and to share their experiences. We should know that we are not alone and that there is always hope.

Hopefully this small story helps others.


From a recent contact to,

I’m happy to help lend my support–from the husbands/males perspective. One of the two miscarriages we suffered is still fresh in my memory (although I’ll never forget either) as it happened about a month ago. The facts: The first miscarriage happened more than two years ago (Feb. 2006). We had a healthy boy (now 4) before the first miscarriage and went on to have a second healthy boy (now 16 months) before the second miscarriage. We’re going to try for more still, but want to wait before trying again.

The reason I’m so eager to share my experience is because when I found out my wife had misscarried the first time I had a half hour drive before seeing her (I was at work when she went to the dr’s appointment, and she called me from their office to tell me. She was sobbing. It was the single worst phone call I’ve ever received in my life.)

I didn’t know where to turn for some comfort of knowledge of how to deal with it. I called my sister who had a miscarriage herself, and asked (although I was sobbing the whole way home. Frankly, it’s still difficult to talk about as the emotions associated with the memory come back easily) how she handled the news/information.

Miscarriage hard on both spouses when it happens. Granted, it is much harder on the woman, in this case my wife. But watching her suffer and the sadness or letdown was also hard on myself. I am glad I had family to lean on and that my wife and I had each other. We still don’t know why it happened to us, but we take a great deal of comfort and gratitude for our two healthy boys that have blessed our lives.


From a recent contact to,

My first pregnancy was a miscarriage. I was 29, and was just diagnosed with colitis. So I wanted to try to have a child before symptoms prevented me from having one. I conceived, and miscarried 8 weeks later — during a sonogram visit on my lunch break.

Everyone at work knew. The whole hospital I worked for. It was only the ones that also went through a miscarriage that said ANYTHING to me.

To top it off, it turned out ANOTHER woman in my office had also become pregnant. She had almost the same due date as I had. Plus, she annouced it after a wedding of another worker — siting she only kept it a secret because she didn’t want to ‘upstage’ the bride. So now I was looked on as “an upstager!”

From a recent contact to,

I just wanted to Thank you for all the women out there to have a place to turn to.I suffered 3 miscarriages in a row, 16 years ago, I spent hours in the library, and it only made me feel worse. I found out that the more times it happens, the lower the chance of a good outcome. I am happy to say that I never gave up, I went for tests, and prayer, and I have had 4 healthy children, the oldest is 16. To everyone out there, never give up hope. Talk about adoption, talk, talk, talk. Finding out how many other people have been through it really is a help. Thanks again, even many years later, I do remember the sadness.”

Tears are running down my face, I have tried to rub the tears away totally forgetting that I still have make up on – so now I look like a crying raccoon – quite the visual I know.

So a few weeks ago, my friend emailed and said, “I have great news, can’t wait to get together soon”. Well with the start of the new school year, we were all busy but planning to get together soon… Tonight, just now, I received an email, “the baby’s heartbeat had stopped. I know you know the pain we feel. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers”.

So I emailed back… I offered to drop off my grandmother’s special soup (that I had made this weekend), offered to come and sit with her (sometime crying with someone who knows helps), and of course anything is up for grabs. I will send her a bracelet from Perhaps it will help her know she is not alone. And of course I will keep her and her family in my thoughts and prayers – perhaps you could too. Thanks…

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