What can the legislators of Utah be thinking?  Are they even thinking?  Utah passed that poorly written legislation that could be used to file charges against a woman who suffers a miscarriage.  They are just awaiting final signature from the governor.

Miscarriage is so common, 1 in 5 pregnancies ends in miscarriage.  While it is common, most times women and their families are left alone and suffering because people don’t know how to help.  They are afraid.  They avoid it.  I know, I have been there.  And now, if I were to have a miscarriage in Utah, I could be charged with homicide.  How could this have happened?  Haven’t women suffered enough?

Yes, it was created to combat things like a pregnant 17 year old, who paid someone to beat her until she lost her baby.  I get it…  so many things terrible about that, I am not sure where to start.

However this is not the answer.  Isn’t society smart enough to find a better solution?  What about helping women who have suffered?  What about educating women on the risks of miscarriage.  When you are pregnant you receive all kinds of information from doctors, nurses, friends, family and of course books (e.g. The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy).  Why doesn’t anyone tell you about the risks, the signs, what to do…  we talk about all kinds of diseases, aches, pains..  but never are we prepared for miscarriage.  WHY?

And now not only are women not prepared, not only do we have suffer a loss that we never forget, but we can go to jail.

I encourage the Governor of Utah NOT to sign the horrible legislation!  Send a signal to women…  to all of us!

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A new blog I came across…  this is from Tim’s blog:

Tim and his wife Monica, experienced the full-term stillbirth of their second child, Kathleen. Following his daughter’s death, Tim wrote, A Father’s Story – When a Baby Dies, one of the first perinatal loss support booklets for men. He also volunteered with the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Center, eventually serving as president of the board of directors. In the mid-1990s, the communications and design business he co-owns founded A Place To Remember, a company that publishes and distributes resources worldwide for grieving families and their caregivers.
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