How was you Memorial Day? Parade and/or BBQ to honor this who have given so much? It is humbling to think so many have given their all so we can have the life we do, the freedom, the choices and the opportunity.

Camping in Lake Placid turned out to be both a fun an educational weekend with three highly inquisitive kids. We talked American History from the settlers to today. Covering all the major mile stones. It was great to see it through a 13 and two 7 year olds eyes. It was amazing how much they already knew (thank a teacher), as well as now much more they wanted to know. They quickly came to a place of awe, respect and thanks… we have our freedoms, our way of life all because others have given everything.

On our way home the kids chose to stop at Fort Ticonderoga. The perfect cap off, where we could see in action some of what others sacrifice; the hardships too.

I am able to have the life I have, to write this miscarriage blog, to try to help others in a small way, to give hope, all because of those men and women who have given their all. It is not lost on me that I write about pregnancy loss. About the joys of birth. All when there are men and women who have and continue to sacrifice it all.

Our days are so full/busy, it is easy to get wrapped up in what we are doing. Let’s not forget any of the heroes. So I end this with a simple thank you. I am humbled.

THANK YOU!!! Thanks to all of you, Our Hope Place is is Fast Company’s Fast 50 Reader Favorites! This is very exciting for us! It means we are getting the word out on and most importantly, this means we are helping women/families that suffer from miscarriage! So thanks!

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