January 2012

I admit I enjoy a soda (Pepsi fan) every now and then – good with pizza & hamburgers!!

But here are some compelling reasons to reach for something else – great article – “3 Surprising Reasons To Give Up Soda” – http://health.yahoo.net/experts/eatthis/3-shocking-soda-facts

Check out Shocking Fact #3 for full story – You have heard of high-fructose corn syrup which is derived from genetically engineered corn which has only been around since the 1990s.  Too soon to know the long-term health effects but recent findings link genetically engineered crops to accelerating aging, digestive tract issues and maybe infertility!!!

First Congratulations to Beyonce & Jay-Z on the birth of their first daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

“Blue Ivy Carter went home from the hospital with her famous mom and dad early on Tuesday, Lenox Hill Hospital officials confirmed to the Daily News and E! News.” – from Wonderwall.msn.com – full story:


According to Jay-Z’s new song “Glory” he references a miscarriage previous to the birth of Blue Ivy Carter – http://www.OurHopePlace.com wants to thank Jay-Z for talking about miscarriage in a popular song – the more we discuss miscarriage and how commonn it is – the less women (and their families) will feel alone after suffering through their own miscarriage.

New Year, New You – that is what I tell myself every January 1st.  I hope this new year brings you what you need in your life and a little of what you want ( “need” & “want” are not always the same thing- that is what I tell my kids.)  For all of you trying to have a family or wanting to add to your family – I hope 2012 brings you new little people in your life – no matter how they get there.