March 2010

I received this new product from a friend of mine, it was so cool, I had to share (that means I am doing this b/c I want to, no compensation for this)….

Are you looking for something new to put in your family’s Easter Baskets?  And btw, could that something new be something the kids really want (has a big impression), fun, great tasting and maybe not too  much chocolate.  That would be my ideal.  Well I think I found it, Chocotreasure eggs!

OMG, my son could not wait to open his Chocotreasure egg.  How do I know? I was getting ready for work the other day and he came running in, “Mommy is this for me, can I open it, now?”

When I told him it was a chocolate egg with a toy inside his eyes grew in size!  He opened the egg…  to both our delights we found a thin layer of  milk chocolate that easily came off the plastic egg (no mess!)  While eating the chocolate my son asked how do I open the egg.  I told him to push hard on the bull’s eye and pull open.  It was a little tricky for my 5 yr old.  But he was more than content to eat the chocolate and have me open the egg.  I just started the opening process, he finished it.  He loved the puzzle inside.

After putting together the puzzle, my son said, “Mommy do you think we could tell the Easter Bunny about these eggs?  He should know about them!”


Readers, any advice for a very caring husband who has suffered miscarriage loss and is now worried about losing his wife and/or family? (Edit:  so I can see lots of people looking at this post, won’t you leave a reply for this reader.  I have already sent him a note directly, thought you might have additional thoughts to help or let him know he isn’t alone.)

Dear Our Hope Place,

I hope you and/or your readers can help me with this.  I am worried I will lose either my wife or my family or both…  any advice you can offer would be great.  I am at a loss at what to do and who to talk to…  Here is my story:

My wife had a miscarriage back in August  2009. It was difficult but not overly tough. Then my sister told us that she was pregnant and was due in May 2010 (the same month my wife was due in). This sent my wife into a tailspin. She has never gotten along well with my family, ecspecially my sister, but she would always attend family events with a smile. Now she wants nothing to do with my family. n She has completely walled herself off and will not go anywhere near my sister. It is almost as if she thinks my sister did this to us on purpose. For the record, my sister was already pregnant before we told anyone she just did not know it yet. I’m concerned that I am going to loose either the rest of my family or my wife. I cannot stand the thought of loosing either. I have tried to be supportive, but I feel that this is an issue that should have gone away a long time ago and if everytime she sees my sister and her child, it throws my wife into hyster!
ics nothing good will ever come of my wife and my family again. I don’t know what to do or who to talk to. if you have any advice I would appreciate it.

Well, what do you guys think…  We have already replied to this writer directly, but would love any thoughts you have.

You know how every once in a while I find something so good I have to share…  well here is one of those times!

Do you remember the tag line, “gotta get a Gund”?  I do.  I remember really wanting a Gund bear, and how great it was when I received one for my birthday.  He was so cute and seriously soft!  Great for hugging!  Just for fun or for comfort after a skinned knee.

Well Snuffles is now 30!!!  (Can it be?)

Snuffles arms are always open, he is always ready to hug, he looks up at you when you hug him…  doesn’t that sound good?

Anyway, check Snuffles out on Facebook! Become a fan if you want…  let me know what you think…

Do you remember your first Gund?  Let me know…  post it on the Facebook page…

Think I will get one for my son…  he has a splinter that has to come out and he is putting it off (no pain please mommy, so I put anti-infaction spray on it each day, so far so good, seems to be working its way out)…  think Snuffles could help us through.

You “gotta get a Gund”!

While spending time at my local library I came across Mothering Magazine March -April 2010 ( which had a lot of great articles in it.  One article caught my eye – “Mayan Womb Massage – –How an ancient technique can prepare your body for conception and ease menstrual cramps. ” – by Catherine S. Gregory. 

The article talked about the “importance of a properly positioned uterus” in the pelvis and what might result if the uterus is improperly positioned – painful pregnancies, difficult labor, ovarian cysts and even irregular ovulation or no ovulation resulting in infertility. 

Other non-fertility related problems could be frequent urination, UTIs, bladder & bowel incontinence, constipation and even varicose veins.  The article even has a “Do-it-yourself Mayan Massage” section (please read all the precautions before trying).

I had never heard of this kind of massage  – have you???  Please let us know if the Mayan Massage has helped you and how.

We have known for along time the benefits of folic acid in preventing neural tube defects (e.g. spinabifida, anencephaly).  Now the Journal of American Medical Association states, “The results of this study reinforce the importance offolate for women in their childbearing years,” said DuaneAlexander, director of the NICHD. “Not only doestaking folic acid before conception prevent the devastatingform of birth defects known as neural tube defects, but italso appears to lower the risk of early miscarriage.”

WOW!  Tell everyone!

Read a great summary of all this here.

Article in Journal of American Medical Association.

Well it seems that it will not be a crime to have a miscarriage in the state of Utah after all.

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert has signed House Bill 462, stating only abortions performed by a doctor through a medical procedure would be legal.  Again this is in response to a 17 yr old girl who paid someone $150 to beat her to induce a miscarriage.

The bill originally included language that stated women who have a miscarriage naturally or who have a miscarriage while doing sports could have been prosecuted as well.  Fortunately that has been changed.

Local news link.

As of March 5th, the good news is that the Utah law that made it possible to prosecute a woman who had a miscarriage is being re-evaluated, re-written.

The bad news is that some of the very bad language will remain…  for example: if you are pregnant, and your husband beats you, and you miscarry, YOU can be charged!

How could this be???  Who is in charge in Utah?  Where is there a sense of reasonableness?  How about common sense?

I understand the intent of how all this started.  But honestly, can they not write, can they not reason in Utah?

Let’s hope and pray for wisdom for those involved; for all of us!