Guiliana and Bill Rancic’s are expecting a baby via surrogate this summer!

I love sharing and writing about happy stories post miscarriage. When 1 in 5 pregnancies end in miscarriage, it is important to raise awareness of how common miscarriage is and how to help. It is also important to share that most pregnancies post miscarriage end with a healthy baby.

When I learned of Guiliana’s baby, I had a tear of joy in my eye.

She has bravely shared so much of herself… The highs of pregnancy. The lows/devastation of miscarriage. The lows/devastation of breast cancer. She has set an example that we don’t have to hide our losses and pains. We can seek help and support from others. And at Our Hope Place that is what we are trying to do… Demystify miscarriage and help people cope, hope and heal.

Much happiness to Guiliana and Bill! Get your sleep while you can!

New Year, New You – that is what I tell myself every January 1st.  I hope this new year brings you what you need in your life and a little of what you want ( “need” & “want” are not always the same thing- that is what I tell my kids.)  For all of you trying to have a family or wanting to add to your family – I hope 2012 brings you new little people in your life – no matter how they get there.

Our Hope Place is glad to hear that Giuliana Rancic is back at work today on E! News with co-anchor Ryan Seacrest after she underwent a double lumpectomy last Thursday.  Giuliana revealed last week that a recent mammogram had revealed early stage breast cancerand that she would have surgery and sometime next month radiation treatments.

We hope that after her treatments are complete – she can start a family of her own.  Has anyone else had a story like Giuliana’s and did you go on to get pregnant??  Let us know.

Soo many things are changing…  yesterday one of my dear friends called.  While we hadn’t spoken in a few years, she is one of those friends that you can pick up with right away.  It was as if we saw each other yesterday.

BIG NEWS!  My friend is 3 moths pregnant — a little boy due Dec 2nd!  This is wonderful news.  She has tried to have a baby for a long, long, long time.  She will be an amazing mom!  There is hope in the world!

Another friend found me this afternoon, and shared news of her pending divorce (after 15 years of marriage).  It was her idea.  Turns out she was miserable with her husband.  Sort of pisses me off- he wasn’t very nice to her.  (And yes, I get that there are multiple sides to the story, but this is my friend and if she tells me she was unhappy, I believe her).  I remember when I was getting married, this friend said to me,”make sure you find someone who really makes you happy, that you love and loves you in return, and don’t settle”.  Wonder now, looking back, was she trying to tell me something?  She told me she didn’t want anyone to know, she tried to make it work.  Anyway, now she is working on her happiness!

Lastly, another friend told me her husband lost his job.  The writing had been on the wall – the company has been going through tough times, lots of layoffs, etc.  My friend seemed happy.  Her husband was not happy at his work, but he wasn’t going to make a change on his own.  So now he can make a change.  And so far so good.

In all cases, 15 seems to be the magic number…  15 years trying to be come a mom, 15 years in a not so great marriage, and 15 months of building layoffs.

All my friends have great strength!  I wish them all happiness!  They truly deserve it!

There is hope!

Throughout our lives there are many times when a support system is needed – family members, friends and sometimes even a blog community can be just what we are looking for.  Check out the link to Conceive Magazine below.  Let us know when you needed a support system and who it was.

“conceive on-air | the experts on getting pregnant”

Special Encore Presentation! Finding a Support System

As with most things in life, having the support of friends and family is important to your success and wellbeing. But it’s even more fundamental to have a support system in place when you are trying to have a baby.

Host Kim Hahn talked with Carolyn Berger, LCSW, about the benefits of creating relationships with people who can provide you with ongoing support as you build your family and beyond.

Missed the live show? Past shows are available when you are – on demand at!

From a recent contact to,

My first pregnancy was a miscarriage. I was 29, and was just diagnosed with colitis. So I wanted to try to have a child before symptoms prevented me from having one. I conceived, and miscarried 8 weeks later — during a sonogram visit on my lunch break.

Everyone at work knew. The whole hospital I worked for. It was only the ones that also went through a miscarriage that said ANYTHING to me.

To top it off, it turned out ANOTHER woman in my office had also become pregnant. She had almost the same due date as I had. Plus, she annouced it after a wedding of another worker — siting she only kept it a secret because she didn’t want to ‘upstage’ the bride. So now I was looked on as “an upstager!”

If you are here, then you too know the devastation of miscarriage…  when I had my miscarriage I searched the internet for answers, but there were none – no one will ever be able to say “this” is why you had a miscarriage.  So I must move on…  been moving on for over 4 years now.  Thought this was an interesting fertility assessment that I found on Conceive Online Magazine…  just helps remind you to make sure you are in good health and that you need to take care of yourself to help with conception (is this the be all end all, no, but it is a good reminder) – check it out.

Be kind to yourself, be in good health, and I will look forward to hearing more from you all…  let me know what you think of the assessment.

The world seems rather confusing to me.  Yesterday someone I know called; she was rather bitter.  As our conversation unfolded, I learned that she was 8 weeks pregnant, very unhappy, and insistent that her husband get “snipped”.  “How could he do this to her” she wondered.  Huh?  Wasn’t she there?  Hmmmm…  she doesn’t want to be pregnant, yet so many others that do…  I realize that everyone is entitled to their own problems, I realize these are real problems to the individuals…  but honestly, though…    I felt rather deflated…  I mustered all I could to be supportive…  😦

Chocolate is good!  Check out this link:

What they say:  the potential health benefits of chocolate as US researchers report that pregnant women who consume ample servings of this popular confectionery may reduce the risk of pre-eclampsia.  

Who knew our cravings were good!  Here here to chocolate!  YUMMMMMMM!