October 2012

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Congrats and best wishes go out to Lisa Ling and her hubby. Lisa has announced she is pregnant, and expecting a baby girl.

This gives me hope.

Lisa was so brave almost two years ago when she publicly shared the pain and devastation of her miscarriage. We share the same belief that miscarriage is too common, yet it remains a taboo subject to talk about. This leaves women alone and suffering. We want to change that… That is why we created www.ourhopeplace.com visit to find out how to help.

Here is the link to read about Lisa’s good news:


Found this article… Reminds me of the stats that 9out of 10 pregnancies post miscarriage result in a beautiful baby. Gives me hope… Hope it does for you too.


www.ourhopeplace.com. To help friends cope, hope and heal after miscarriage.

There are 50,000,000 miscarriages world wide each year… Yes, I wrote 50 MILLION.
If miscarriage is so common, why is it taboo to talk about? Why don’t we know how to help women who are suffering? So many questions, so few answers.

At http://www.ourhopeplace.com we want to help, specifically we want to help women who are suffering to cope, hope and heal. Why? Because we know what it is like, and frankly it sucks.

Visit www.ourhopeplac.com look at the 7 pieces of advice on how to help.

And if you would, light a candle on Oct 15th for all the moms who have suffered.


While I wish miscarriage didn’t exist, it’s nice to know we can help each other with the healing. Take a read at the youthful homemaker. Christina, we feel your pain, and hope in some small way we have helped.