Well it seems that it will not be a crime to have a miscarriage in the state of Utah after all.

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert has signed House Bill 462, stating only abortions performed by a doctor through a medical procedure would be legal.  Again this is in response to a 17 yr old girl who paid someone $150 to beat her to induce a miscarriage.

The bill originally included language that stated women who have a miscarriage naturally or who have a miscarriage while doing sports could have been prosecuted as well.  Fortunately that has been changed.

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As of March 5th, the good news is that the Utah law that made it possible to prosecute a woman who had a miscarriage is being re-evaluated, re-written.

The bad news is that some of the very bad language will remain…  for example: if you are pregnant, and your husband beats you, and you miscarry, YOU can be charged!

How could this be???  Who is in charge in Utah?  Where is there a sense of reasonableness?  How about common sense?

I understand the intent of how all this started.  But honestly, can they not write, can they not reason in Utah?

Let’s hope and pray for wisdom for those involved; for all of us!

Just what are  they thinking?  What year is this?  Am I reading some non-fiction book?  The check I wrote today said, 2010.  Yes, there is a real article on the web that shares information regarding a Utah legislation that will vote on 2/25 to pass a law that could charge a woman with homicide if she miscarries…

So do I have your attention?  I have to admit that I think, well really I hope, that the intention of the legislators  is not to criminally prosecute women who suffer from miscarriage.  However, the way the law is written, the potential exists.  Given there are extremists and litigious people abound, I am worried for women.

1 in 5 pregnancies ending in miscarriage (almost 1 million each year).  While miscarriage is all too common, most people don’t know how to help some who has suffered.  This leaves women and their families alone, suffering in silence.  What happened in Utah?  Did they get together and say, “Let’s help, I know, let’s send them to jail – great!  Yeah, that is a smart solution.”  Sounds like a bad joke.

Maybe the legislators of Utah could put the money that would have funded this bill towards helping women — like let’s see if we can find out if there is a way to stop miscarriage, let’s give drs and nurses information to better educate women on miscarriage (a pregnant woman goes through all kinds of testing, learns about all kinds of risks, never is she prepared for the risk of miscarriage -just why is that?)

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And don’t even get me started on women’s rights!  Which leads me to say check out this blog that talks to the same issue:  In Utah, miscarriage – criminal homicide

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