June 2010

Soo many things are changing…  yesterday one of my dear friends called.  While we hadn’t spoken in a few years, she is one of those friends that you can pick up with right away.  It was as if we saw each other yesterday.

BIG NEWS!  My friend is 3 moths pregnant — a little boy due Dec 2nd!  This is wonderful news.  She has tried to have a baby for a long, long, long time.  She will be an amazing mom!  There is hope in the world!

Another friend found me this afternoon, and shared news of her pending divorce (after 15 years of marriage).  It was her idea.  Turns out she was miserable with her husband.  Sort of pisses me off- he wasn’t very nice to her.  (And yes, I get that there are multiple sides to the story, but this is my friend and if she tells me she was unhappy, I believe her).  I remember when I was getting married, this friend said to me,”make sure you find someone who really makes you happy, that you love and loves you in return, and don’t settle”.  Wonder now, looking back, was she trying to tell me something?  She told me she didn’t want anyone to know, she tried to make it work.  Anyway, now she is working on her happiness!

Lastly, another friend told me her husband lost his job.  The writing had been on the wall – the company has been going through tough times, lots of layoffs, etc.  My friend seemed happy.  Her husband was not happy at his work, but he wasn’t going to make a change on his own.  So now he can make a change.  And so far so good.

In all cases, 15 seems to be the magic number…  15 years trying to be come a mom, 15 years in a not so great marriage, and 15 months of building layoffs.

All my friends have great strength!  I wish them all happiness!  They truly deserve it!

There is hope!


We were excited to see Celine Dion announce on her website that she was pregnant with twins – due in November.  We had mentioned in this blog back on February 10, 2010 that Celine had experienced a miscarriage after another try at IVF.   We hope the best for her, the twins and her family.

From : http://www.celinedion.com/celinedion/english/whatsgoinon.cgi

Celine and René Expecting Twins
May 31 , 2010

The Angélil-Dion family are getting ready for two new additions. It’s official, Celine and René are expecting twins, due in November. The couple revealed the wonderful news in an exclusive interview with Le Journal de Montréal. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Throughout our lives there are many times when a support system is needed – family members, friends and sometimes even a blog community can be just what we are looking for.  Check out the link to Conceive Magazine below.  Let us know when you needed a support system and who it was.

“conceive on-air | the experts on getting pregnant”

Special Encore Presentation! Finding a Support System

As with most things in life, having the support of friends and family is important to your success and wellbeing. But it’s even more fundamental to have a support system in place when you are trying to have a baby.

Host Kim Hahn talked with Carolyn Berger, LCSW, about the benefits of creating relationships with people who can provide you with ongoing support as you build your family and beyond.

Missed the live show? Past shows are available when you are – on demand at http://www.conceiveonline.com/conceive-on-air!