Have you seen the new “blue envelope” advertising campaign (in London & online as news)? It encourages people to talk about miscarriage.

Specifically the Tiffany colored envelopes (anyone else see the irony in that?) are addressed “to anyone”. Inside is an invitation stating, “talking about miscarriage helps”. Click here to read about.

At Our Hope Place we couldn’t agree more. With 1 in 4 pregnancies ending in miscarriage, it is all too common. Yet we treat it like a taboo subject. Leaving people to suffer in silence. Doesn’t make any sense to us.

So, I ask you? Do you know someone who had a miscarriage? Want to help, but not sure how? Go to our hope place read what to do, what not do to. Read about the bracelet of hope, how it came about… and find a way to acknowledge and offer specific support. (not a generic, call me if you need something. Make them dinner, give a hug, sit and listen,…)

Let’s all help each other!