Once in a while I write on something that, in my mind, is really important.   Indulge me in one (more) of those moments…

I was watching the news and heard they have some gene learning for Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBF).  This is great news!  I applaud the scientists from The Cancer Institute at NYU Langone Medical Center  (and the other teams that are working with them) who have identified a key gene—eIF4G1.  They found you, you little gene…  hopefully it is only a matter of time until they find a way to get you.

Do you know about IBF?  It is deadly, it is fast moving, it is often missed by doctor, it is often mistaken for an infection…  it DOESN”T show itself as a lump… do you know that – not all breast cancer involves a lump.  Everyone needs to know this.

Click on the website, see the learning, see the short write up on IBF…  share this with all the women you know.  Maybe it will save someone’s life.

I saw this a while ago, and then just again today…  thought it was important enough to share… take the few minutes to listen – isn’t your life worth it.  Share it with your friends; everyone should know there is more to breast cancer than a lump.  Yes, you need to do all the usual stuff (yearly physical and gyn appt, monthly breast self-exams, and if over 40 yearly mammograms, … all the usual), but we also need to be aware.

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