April 2012

Guiliana and Bill Rancic’s are expecting a baby via surrogate this summer!

I love sharing and writing about happy stories post miscarriage. When 1 in 5 pregnancies end in miscarriage, it is important to raise awareness of how common miscarriage is and how to help. It is also important to share that most pregnancies post miscarriage end with a healthy baby.

When I learned of Guiliana’s baby, I had a tear of joy in my eye.

She has bravely shared so much of herself… The highs of pregnancy. The lows/devastation of miscarriage. The lows/devastation of breast cancer. She has set an example that we don’t have to hide our losses and pains. We can seek help and support from others. And at Our Hope Place that is what we are trying to do… Demystify miscarriage and help people cope, hope and heal.

Much happiness to Guiliana and Bill! Get your sleep while you can!


Girls night out with a dear friend, it had been way too long. We caught up on everything… Laughing until we cried.

Towards the end of the night my friend said, “Oh, I have something to show. I got a tattoo!”. It was a beautiful design (on her ankle) with 4 hearts, surrounded by 4 tiny hearts with wings. I knew right away, it was for her children. The 4 wonderful kids we had been catching up about and her 4 miscarriages… it was beautiful! She said she wanted to celebrate her babies, ALL of them. That even though she was blessed with her 4 beautiful children, all of her babies had a place in her heart.

The night went too fast. Looking forward to out next girls night out!