We have followed Giuliana & Bill on their path to parenthood.  First their infertility tests, their miscarriage and then Giuliana’s breast cancer and surgery.  OurHopePlace.com is happy to announce the birth of their son Edward Duke Rancic.  They ended up going with a gestational surrogate.  We are excited for them and hope they are getting sleep.  Sometimes your life does not happen as you would like but usually it gives you what you need. Congrats and our best!

Read all the details: http://www.examiner.com/article/giuliana-rancic-baby-boy-is-born-delivery-went-smooth?CID=obinsite



Our Hope Place is glad to hear that Giuliana Rancic is back at work today on E! News with co-anchor Ryan Seacrest after she underwent a double lumpectomy last Thursday.  Giuliana revealed last week that a recent mammogram had revealed early stage breast cancerand that she would have surgery and sometime next month radiation treatments.

We hope that after her treatments are complete – she can start a family of her own.  Has anyone else had a story like Giuliana’s and did you go on to get pregnant??  Let us know.

From a recent contact to Our Hope Place:

I am also a member of the pregnancy loss sisterhood.  I lost twins in the second tri-mester and had another early loss before my daughter was born.  The first one was especially hard because I had two good friend due around the same time (1 within a day, the other was 3 months later).  In addition, I was running a clinic for pregnant teens at the time.  It was crazy!

I am forever an optimist.  I expect to be sitting on the beach at 80, perky silicone breasts and all!  Even when I was diagnosed (with breast cancer), I did not assume the worst.  I assumed it would be no big deal, that I would beat it, and beat it quickly.  Not quite the actual story.   I am still in treatment and maybe forever.   But it is OK as long as I am around to live it!



Note from Our Hope Place (Sharon):  Melissa you are so strong and helping so many –  I plan to visit you on that beach and toast the wonderful lives we will have lived – bring pictures of your grand kids – I will do the same!