So there seems to be a new medical report every day.  Often these reports conflict…  coffee is good for you, no it is bad, now it is good.  Same for red wine.

Well here is the latest, and I say why not be cautious.

Yes, that is right, there is a new study that shows ibuprofen DOUBLES the risk of miscarriage.  If one in 5 pregnancies (20%) ends in miscarriage.  If you take ibuprofen, this study now says your risk jumps to 2 in 5 (40%).  WOW!  But wait, they go even further to say, it isn’t just when you are pregnant, but you can’t take it the night before you conceive.

The study was carried out on comparing over 4,000 women aged between 15 & 45 and published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.  Take a look…