Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Congrats and best wishes go out to Lisa Ling and her hubby. Lisa has announced she is pregnant, and expecting a baby girl.

This gives me hope.

Lisa was so brave almost two years ago when she publicly shared the pain and devastation of her miscarriage. We share the same belief that miscarriage is too common, yet it remains a taboo subject to talk about. This leaves women alone and suffering. We want to change that… That is why we created visit to find out how to help.

Here is the link to read about Lisa’s good news:


We were excited to see Celine Dion announce on her website that she was pregnant with twins – due in November.  We had mentioned in this blog back on February 10, 2010 that Celine had experienced a miscarriage after another try at IVF.   We hope the best for her, the twins and her family.

From :

Celine and René Expecting Twins
May 31 , 2010

The Angélil-Dion family are getting ready for two new additions. It’s official, Celine and René are expecting twins, due in November. The couple revealed the wonderful news in an exclusive interview with Le Journal de Montréal. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Taking a break in my “12 Questions That Will Change Your Life” Series for this important topic.

I was reading Real Simple, March 2010, Etiquette Questions, when I came across this question, “What is the kindest way to let a friend who is struggling with infertility to know that you are pregnant?“.  Well, all I could think is “yes, this is so important”.   Also, yeah someone asked, yeah Julie Rottenberg answered, yeah, Real Simple ran the column, and yeah people get to read it, get information, gain confidence, and help their friends!

Julie’s point of view comes from her being on both sides of this subject (see so many of us go through this).  She advises, ” don’t hide your news, but preface it by saying, “I’ve been struggling with how to tell you this, b/c I know what you have been going through…”, then cut to the chase.”  She also points out two important things:  1) your friend may have a hard time with people who (seemingly) are able to get pregnant, and 2) your friend is probably feeling alone/lonely, she wants her friends to be there with/for her; excluding her from something so important would also be painful.

I totally concur with the writers statements.  I remember after I had my miscarriage, it seemed like everyone was pregnant; every person I saw on the street, in the store, at work, all seemed pregnant.  I often thought, “Were there ever more pregnant people in the world?”   A little sensitive, perhaps?

Was it difficult to hear a family or friend was pregnant?  Yes, but I was also happy for them.  The converse is that there two friends who wanted to tell me they were pregnant, but didn’t know how, so they chose to avoid the situation, until well, it was obvious.  That also hurt, I didn’t mean to make them feel uncomfortable, I wanted to share in their happiness.   It was good when we could talk about this.

Overall, I think that friends and family stick together in good and bad (trite, but true).  That it is better to talk to your friend than leave her out.

I am so happy this article was written.

If you are interested in other things to talk say/do and what to not say/do post miscarriage, click here to go to

Ok, I admit it up front, this is a self absorbed blog posting…  so I will try to keep it short – I would rather write about the positive side of life, but just indulge me for a minute…  I always thought I would have 3 children (you need 3 to go water-skiing)…  but my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, my second ended with a wonderful little boy (I am so thankful and lucky and don’t mean to sound ungrateful, really I don’t).  

But somehow I always thought a 3rd pregnancy/a sibling for our son would come, however that seems to be on the slow side…  and even though it has been a few years since my miscarriage, when I went to a party this weekend (a lovely party) it seems every woman of childbearing age except for me either just had a baby (last 7 weeks) or was about to have a baby.  UGH!!!  Will I ever stop feeling like this???  Sometimes it is still just so hard.

All things considered I am a very lucky person with a great life…  well, I need to go hug my husband and son and remind myself of that and stop feeling self absorbed.  I need to be happy for the life I have!  Thanks for listening…  it helps!!!