I am amazed at how research can take a long time to complete and then to publish.  Like the recent cell phone study that says, and I am paraphrasing, “… there may be a link between certain brain cancer and cell phones – or there might not be – we (the researchers) can’t agree… so we waited 5 yrs or so to publish…  we needed time to discuss”

Well better late than never…  almost 10 years after 9/11 there is a new research report, well the headline says it all.  There was a rise in miscarriage following 9/11.  And a surprise to me, the increase in miscarriage led to a drop in boy birthrate…  apparently boy fetus are more impacted by stress…  and apparently this is a well documented effect; male birth rates drop following disasters.

We know stress can have debilitating effects, and 9/11 certainly was stressful (sounds like the understatement of the century).  So I get the drop in birthrate, the increase in miscarriage.

Wondering if you have a 9 yr. old…  do you know more boys than girls? Any thoughts?

Take a look…  link