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I delivered a healthy daughter the first time I was pregnant. But I suffered five miscarriages before I had my second child five years later. I was diagnosed with a translocation (two chromosomes with switched parts, frequently leading to early miscarriage) and underwent IVF in attempt to pick healthy embryos — it didn’t work (I had a miscarriage anyway). Eventually I was able to become and stay pregnant naturally.

I think that when you’re suffering from secondary infertility people can be even more cruel, mostly out of ignorance. People assume that if you have an only child that it’s just by choice, especially if you’re young. They’re always peppering you with questions about when you’re going to have another. I was also around so many shallow women who would say things, such as, “I only want a girl.” But perhaps most upsetting were the inconsiderate things people who knew my situation said, including doctors (“You should just be glad you have a child already”), insinuating that wanting two children was greedy or that you obviously didn’t appreciate your first child.

Good luck to those who are trying. Try to find at least one sympathetic ear that you can vent to (not a spouse) – it does feel better to talk to someone who understands.