Hi, it just occurred to me OurHopePlace.com has been helping women cope, hope and heal after miscarriage for just over 6 years now…

It has been a humbling experience helping people. We have been touched by so many people’s pain as well as stories of hope. We know the devastation and loss of hope with each miscarriage. We have found joy with the birth of every baby, and equally joy with each adoption… The road to motherhood can take many paths, each one equally important, equally blessed.

Each time someone sends a bracelet of hope or an angel token (or other gift) from our site, we believe we are enabling good in the world. We know we are when we see repeat order or ones that say, “I hope this bracelet helps you as much as it helped me”.

This has been a journey. I thank each of you for reaching out, for helping others (or helping yourself – bc it is still hard for people to know what to do and what not to do.)

We have come a long way, with more to go… It is great to take a pause, reflect, and say thank you.