Hi friends, I know I usually write about miscarriage. Today I am moved to write about and give support to my friend. Last week my friend said she was going to visit her daughter… Then she looked at me with tears in her eyed. She was trying so hard to hold it together… I asked her if she wanted to talk… She told me through her sobs that her daughter found a lump and needed surgery. She kept saying she’s only 27, only 27.

When she returned I asked her how she was… How her daughter was doing. She said they were all waiting, just waiting It was so scary, so hard. They were waiting, and they weren’t together. My friend felt helpless…

Then the day came to hear from the doctor… And it wasn’t the worst but it wasn’t good. Stage 1. And it just hits you… Everything stops. No one expects or wants to hear news like this… Especially hard when it’s your child, your baby. Even at 27, she’s still your baby.

They are now negotiating chemo… The doctor thinks my friend’s daughter will have a long, happy life!

I am trying to help my friend too… Listen when she wants to talk, treat her like nothing has changed when she doesn’t want to, I have dropped off chocolate and wine. I have offered to drive them, to drop off groceries, to do the dry cleaning… And I am keeping them in my prayers. Perhaps you will too.