Bethenny Frankel – star of her own show – Bethenny Ever After – talks candidly & emotionally about suffering a miscarriage on her reality show.

Thank you Bethenny for reaching out to others who have suffered and letting us see how your miscarriage affected your life.  When more women open up about their experience & express themselves honestly about their miscarriage – it not only helps the person talking to work through the many emotions that come with the experience but also it helps those listening (whether or not they have experienced a miscarriage themselves) to understand what the woman is going though and how hey can help.  For great ideas on how to help someone who has suffered a miscarriage – please visit

Just posted on Bethenny’s website – hope we can help her and her fans who have also suffered a miscarriage:

Hi Bethenny, Just catching up and wanted to say that I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I also suffered a miscarriage (back in 1999.)  Then went on to have 2 great kids. From my miscarriage experience I realized that a lot of well meaning family & friends do not know what to say or do to help and my husband (partners of women who have miscarried)also suffer and deal with the grief differently.  So my friend and I created to demystify miscarriage and help women cope, hope and heal after miscarriage.  We share our story of a special bracelet of hope, our friendship and how we helped each other thru our miscarriage healing journies.  I hope we can help you & all your fans who have also suffered a miscarriage.  Please keep us laughing – and crying – love your show!!!!