We found this posting and had to share…

We are sorry for the loss and pain Marie and her husband have endured.  We applaud her sharing her story and suggesting that we need to “break the silence about miscarriage”.   You can read her article here

She likens admitting her miscarriage to being at an AA Meeting…  a taboo subject that involves shame.  She describes her miscarriage like many people:  feeling alone, knowing no one who had gone through this – only to find that they knew many people who had.  That they couldn’t smile, the birds didn’t sing, and life seemed dark.

Then comes the self blame and questioning…  “I must have done something to cause this, what?” and “Why?”

The lack of information…  why don’t we know what causes a miscarriage?

Then she gets to what we (at OurHopePlace) talk about…  that we need to start a dialogue.  That we need to take miscarriage out of the shadows and whispers.  We need to help people not feel so alone.  We need to help people feel less frightened…  we need to help with the healing!

Won’t you help?