Earlier this year Republican Bobby Franklin, Marietta, Georgia introduced a bill that would make miscarriage a crime; murder in fact, punishable by death.  HUH!?!  The bill has language that says it must be proven that there was no human involvement whatsoever in the causation of the miscarriage.

Many thoughts are running through my mind, but let’s go with the facts and be rational first:

– Miscarriage is all too common:  1 in 5 pregnancies end in miscarriage…  so we are talking about lots and lots of women

-Doctors generally don’t know the causes of most miscarriage – just that the fetus isn’t forming as it should…  so if they don’t know the cause how can anyone prove “no human involvement whatsoever”?

-There is even the issue that often, women don’t even know they are pregnant and miscarry…  what to do then..

– I wonder, how could an elected official, how could anyone spend any resource on this insanity?  At a time when the economy is tanking, deficit is escalating, how could we squander our limited resources…  This republican should be flogged… and then removed from office.  And he should write a big, fat check to cover anything put against this.

– and to a lesser extent, we already went through this last year…  and it was put to bed – thrown out.

– Now that I have been “rational”, I need to put in some additional thoughts.

A woman suffers a miscarriage – it is devastating.  She is suffering.  Can she get help – medically and emotionally?  Well if this legislation passes – it would open her up to potential criminal charges.  So a woman is devastated, in pain, suffering, and we give society yet another reason to shun her.  Even worse, we punish her?  Outrage!!!

Sometimes I am amazed at how people take their eye off the ball… Franklin isn’t there a better issue to focus your time on?  Please read our blog – see the pain, the real pain women are going through.  And find a different way forward…