Help someone who has suffered from miscarriage by acknowledging her loss.

Experts say:

Sending a gift like those offered through or, offer concrete acknowledgement of a painful loss which, more often than not is ignored or downplayed.

Items you can find include:

Read the bracelet of hope story to learn more
The simple, yet beautiful bracelet is a companion that 

travels along the healing journey with you.

At first it is a distraction. Offering play factor, driven

by the double stranded, elastic banding that can be

twisted and played with any time you think about the

miscarriage (which will be often).

As time goes by, the bracelet becomes a symbol

of hope. Hope that one day, joy will come back to you.

The larger, center, hand carved bead is the hope

bead. It is a tangible symbol of hope.

The light jade color is soothing. It is the most

peaceful color on the eyes. It can be worn

everyday, and blends into any style of dress

from casual to black tie (we know, we’ve tried).

Since jade is naturally occurring, each bracelet

will vary slightly in color. The bracelet is

approximately 7” around, beads are made of

semiprecious jade, and the center hope bead is

hand carved aventurine jade.

$27.00 + any taxes and shipping
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Each bracelet is placed in a white organza bag, 

with a short description of the bracelet and how

to use it.  The bag is attached to a bookmark

with inspirational words.  The order is wrapped

in white tissue paper.