Happy Pi Day.  Ok, I am a self proclaimed geek; a proud card carrying member at that!  As the world, well the geeky world, celebrates today and ponders the mathematical relationship of the circumference and the diameter of a circle, there is devastation in the world…  on everyone’s mind is of course Japan.  I am having a hard time understanding the scope of death and devastation.  Want to help?  Remember donating to the Red Cross as a great way to help.

On another loss front, today a woman had a miscarriage (well, really more like 2,739 women suffered a miscarriage in the US today).  She was likely alone…  she saw the first sign, felt the pain, the panic.   Maybe she called doctor or rushed to the hospital.  But nothing could be done to save her baby.  And then, when it couldn’t get any worse, she was likely left alone.   At a time when she needs help the most, society doesn’t know how to help.  So she is alone.

Just like we don’t understand Pi, we don’t know the causes of miscarriage, we don’t know how to prevent them, and we don’t know how to stop them.  Worse, we don’t prepare women.  When you are pregnant your doctor tells you about lots of testing for all kinds of things, not so good things, but they don’t tell you about miscarriage.  That 1 in 5 pregnancies ends in miscarriage.  Why is that?

Well, at OurHopePlace, we want to help women who are suffering.  We want them to know they didn’t do anything to cause their miscarriage.  They are not alone.  And that in time, they will start to heal.  We want to help them by acknowledging their loss …  check out our website, where you can find 7 tips on how to help.  Learn about our bracelet, read the story

You can choose to celebrate Pi Day or not.  You can choose to donate to the Red Cross or not.  I hope you will visit Our Hope Place.com if you know someone who had a miscarriage.  Don’t let her suffer alone… isn’t the loss of her baby enough?  Won’t you help?