Amazing story – New book called “Inconceivable” by Carolyn & Sean Savage – I saw them on The Talk (CBS) – this couple was trying to conceive their 4th child, had miscarriages and decided to go for IVF.  After becoming pregnant with IVF they found out the baby was not theirs.  They were offered the option to terminate the pregnancy.  They decided to have the baby boy and then give the baby to its real parents.

Thanks for a great story – After hearing the Savages story I thought “wow – what amazing people they are!”.  I have experienced a miscarriage myself and then became pregnant with my daughter.  If someone had told me that there was a mistake made and she was not really mine, it would be heart wrenching to give her up especially knowing I could not have anymore children.  Thank goodness they did the right thing and I hope the same goodness comes back to them many times over.

Full story – – “demystifying miscarriage by helping friends help friends cope, hope and heal after miscarriage.”