It happens a lot…  in fact almost a million times in a year in the US alone, a woman will have a miscarriage.  Because of, well I really don’t know why, but for some reason the woman and her family is normally left alone in silence, suffering.

Well, today as I was watching LXNewYork – channel 4 from 5-6pm – they had Giuliana & Bill Rancic on – I have blogged about them and commented on their site – anyway – Sara Gore – the LX person started to get upset/tear up during the conversation & it turns out she tells everyone live that she had a miscarriage recently.  How brave of her.  How much she must be suffering… and this is her asking for our help!  So,  i hopped on the LXNY live stream to say I was sorry and to share OurHopePlace in an effort to help.  Then I went to their Facebook page – and commented again (I wanted to make sure she knew our thoughts were with her, and that we can help)  Tomorrow we are sending Sara a bracelet.

We are thinking of you Sara.