Watching “The Good Wife”.  Tonight’s episode centers around miscarriage; specifically a class action suit where a neighborhood has become a “hot spot” or pocket of miscarriage (I think they are saying they can’t have children as well).  Two law firms are trying to sign up families for the law suit.

In addition, the other attorney, played by Michael J. Fox, says he left his high powered in house counsel role when his wife had a miscarriage.  In fact, his wife says he left his job immediately to be home with his wife to help her.  And now he is trying to help other women and their families in a class action law suit.

There is other stuff going on in the show as well… but let’s not lose sight of what is important…  this show is centering on miscarriage, the loss of a baby.  They have shown some, well little, but some of the emotion of what it is like to lose a child.  What it’s like to walk into the nursery that your child will never sleep in.

When you have a miscarriage, there is loss unlike other losses.  There is the loss of hope, the loss of dreams.  There are no memories or photos to help comfort.  And quite often your friends and family won’t know how to help; they will leave you alone.

1 in 5 pregnancies ends in miscarriage; that translates to almost 1 million per year in the US.  While it is all too common, we still consider the subject taboo.

Our mission at and is to change that…  we want to demystify miscarriage.  We want to help women and their families.  Come visit, learn how to help, send a bracelet of hope…  help heal, help give hope.

And thank you to the people at The Good Wife for putting this subject front and center!