When I miscarried over 10 years ago it took awhile before I stopped thinking about every little thing I did that might have caused my miscarriage.  After speaking with my doctor,  all I came away with was “it happens.”  One of the hardest parts of a woman’s healing journey after a miscarriage is usually the guilt of “what did I do to cause it???”  If that is where you are now – please read this information from conceiveonline.com – I thought it helped even 10+ years later.

From the article: Seven Most Common Miscarriage Causes

My obstetrician’s observations that I was in good company—that around 15 percent of “known” pregnancies (i.e., pregnancies confirmed with a test), and up to half of all pregnancies end in miscarriage during the first trimester—didn’t soothe my sadness. Nor did his assurance that the miscarriage wasn’t caused by something I had done, or hadn’t done, that it was “just one of those things.” But I was comforted when I considered the other statistic: that most of the time miscarriage is a one-time occurrence.

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