“Recovering After a Miscarriage: The Baby I Lost…” as seen in Glamour Magazine.

In Glamour Magazine’s September issue there is an article that I could really relate to (actual magazine – page 396 or http://www.glamour.com/health-fitness/2010/08/recovering-after-a-miscarriage-the-baby-i-lost-and-the-life-she-gave-me.)

The article by Katharine O’Connell White called “Recovering After a Miscarriage: The Baby I Lost …and the Life She Gave Me” is about a woman (an ob-gyn herself) who passed out at work when she was seven months pregnant and went on to lose her baby due to medical complications.

Katharine talks about being “the patient” after usually being the doctor in these kinds of situations. I love how she candidly writes about many of the feelings and emotions that happen after a miscarriage:

– the “crushing grief” after she found out from her husband that she had lost her baby girl Samantha.

– how she ended up comforting the visitors who came to see her in the hospital until she was exhausted.

-the feelings she had when her husband Chad returned to work and “he reclaimed some normalcy before I could.” “Chad was moving on. It wasn’t his body; he wasn’t the one who almost died. I hated him, and envied him, for being OK. I wanted to be that strong.”

– not being able to celebrate/be happy once she was pregnant again. Katharine wrote, “I was pregnant again. I couldn’t take the same joy in it this time – no gifts, no shower, no talking about the baby.” “It wasn’t until I held my son in the recovery room that I really believed everything was OK.”

When you go through a tragedy like losing a baby/experiencing a miscarriage – you believe that you are the only one at that time who can ever feel so bad, lonely, sad, etc. When you can relate to someone else (by talking, reading an article or book) who has gone thru the same kind of loss , you can then see that you are not alone and start your healing journey.

Thanks to Katharine for sharing her story and as she puts it – “How do you find strength in the face of tragedy? The honest answer is you don’t. You take a breath, then another. You simply keep going.” Or as we like to say – you find a new normal. Please visit www.OurHopePlace.com if you have experienced a miscarriage or are looking for ways to help a friend/loved one who has experienced a misacarriage.