Devastated!  Kelsey and his girlfriend are devastated.  I understand all too well.  Anyone who has suffered a miscarriage knows…  all 1 million of us (each year in the US alone) know.

While I am sorry for Kelsey and his girlfriend’s loss, I am so happy they are brave enough to come forward and share their loss.  Maybe by them coming forward they will raise awareness of miscarriage loss, show how healing begins with acknowledgement, and in time, find peace.

That is our mission at We want to demystify miscarriage.  We give ideas on how to acknowledge loss.  We have an amazing bracelet of hope that helps with healing – I know, I used it myself and have given it to many friends and family.

If you will indulge my tangent, wanted to share, I just gave a bracelet to a friend last week.  She just found out she is pregnant for the 7th time…  3 wonderful children, 3 miscarriages.  She was so worried about this pregnancy; I gave her my bracelet.  She was thrilled…  and her sonogram this week looked good – keeping positive thoughts!

Back to the subject at hand…  I hope there is much support for Kelsey and his girlfriend (wish I knew her name).  May they find peace and hope…