My daughter will be turning 10 this year which means that my miscarriage was over 10 years ago.  I am still amazed that when the topic of miscarriage comes up with people I meet throughout my day (old friends, new friends and strangers) that everyone knows someone who has had at least one miscarriage – sadly sometimes more than one. 

If I am speaking with the woman who actually had the miscarrige, somewhere in our conversation there are 2  sentences that I usually hear – “Oh – I wish Our Hope Place was around when I had my miscarriage” and “I would have loved a place to connect with others who experienced a miscarriage – I felt so alone.”

Realizing how we felt after our miscarriages is what inspired Sharon & I to start  I  hope that if you are reading this blog that you pass our link onto anyone who you know who could benefit from having a place to connect with others who have experienced the same loss so they will not feel so alone.