Genetics, is a b*#&@, or it can be.  Given my recent news that I have a prolapsed uterus requiring surgery and that it is genetic, I want to scream from the roof tops (or at least a blog) and tell EVERYONE – ask your mom about her health, and ask about your grandmother’s as well!!!  It just might help!!!  Get over what ever is in the way, and have the conversation… (if it is at all physically possible).

This months Real Simple magazine article, “are you destined to become your mother?” by Stacy Colino, echos my sentiment.  In that it is important to understand your genetics and your predisposition.

I love that they wrote and published this article.  I wish I had seen something like this years ago… but at least I am learning now…  This article talks about how various conditions and/or diseases (including:  arthritis, breast, ovarian and colon cancers, oral care, depression, heart disease, menopause, migraines, osteoporosis, pregnancy and labor, and substance abuse), your mom may have and it’s genetic link to you and how to stay healthy.

I can’t stress how important it is to know your mother (and I would add grandmothers) health factors.  Also, I don’t have a sister, I do have a close cousin, so we can compare some things… this has also proven to be very helpful!!!

Now don’t get  me wrong, I am not saying all that comes your families way, will come to you…  but interestingly I have had a number of items that my family has… including when my mom was pregnant, her water broke before she went into labor (all 3 times), my grandmother had a prolapsed uterus, my other grandmother had multiple miscarriages, my cousin has cystic ovaries.  Now I am watching my mom go through double knee replacement.  She is doing so well, but my knees have sympathy pains.  In an effort to make them go away, I am going to change my exercise plan…

So I am selling my treadmill (anyone interested?), and I have purchased a machine that is a cross between a stationary bike and an eliptical machine;  basically and eliptical that you sit at (can’t stand and exercise with a prolapsed uterus – gravity is not my friend).  I am working on being healthier.  Hope this will help.

Talk to your mom!  Give her a hug too!