Home tonight after a great Memorial Day and long weekend.  How was your Memorial Day?  Did you have a bbq with family and/or friends?

I am struck by the contrast of the wonderful weekend and the all the people we have to thank for it; the ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

About 3 years ago we went to a very special wedding.  A dear friend of my husband was getting married – she was marrying a US Marine.

Most of the Marines at the wedding had just  returned from Fallujah.  Many had battle scars, but all were there to celebrate a wonderful day.

At our table, we sat with 4 Marines.  They were all vibrant, honest men.  They loved being Marines.  All talked of the day when they could return to Iran; they were counting the days.

They all did return.  Within 6 months of the wedding, all 4 had died; they had given the ultimate sacrifice.  They fought for our freedom.

It is because of them and all the others who did the same that we could have the day we did… the weekend we did.  We pray for them and for all other men and women who have and do serve.