Have you been reading the reports?  Angelina is grieving from a miscarriage.  If she did, I am so sorry for her loss.  I hope she has people around her who acknowledge her loss, support her, and take care of her.  I hope she finds OurHopePlace.com and OurHopePlace.wordpress.com and begins her healing journey.

Miscarriage is so common, yet no one really talks about it.  Yes, I know magazines and websites “report” when a famous person has miscarriage.  But no one really talks about it.  And worse, most people don’t know how to help.

I see Holly Robinson Peete on Celebrity Apprentice (yes, not watching Lost tonight, wanted to see Bret, yes he is on).  She and many other famous people are working to cure Autism; a truly important need!  Taking Autism to the public forefront; get research money, get treatment money…  make it better for kids and their families.  This is fabulous!  I wish for the day when Autism is extinct!

I can only hope one day, miscarriage will also cease to exist.  Maybe one day, a group of famous women will come together and raise awareness of miscarriage… maybe there could be a cure one day.

In the meanwhile, at OurHopePlace.com, we to help people heal.   The number one thing to do is to acknowledge the loss.  A simple “I’m sorry” will do.  If you don’t know exactly what to say, that is ok, you can say that too.  Remember there is no magic bullet.  It takes time to recover from a miscarriage.

Want some other ideas on how to help?  Check out our “7 tips on how to help”

Maybe all of Angelina’s family, friends and fans will see this and send/give her the support she needs…  perhaps Google search will pick this up and Angelia will see it…  we can only hope!