Normally I write about miscarriage and how to help women and their families who suffer.

TODAY is DIFFERENT…  today I want to find out what is general consensus regarding bullying.

Situation:  My husband was told by our son’s teacher that a classmate punched our son in the nose today (his nose is now a little swolen). This is the second time in a week that this kid has tried to bullied our son and there has been an incident each month since Dec. What to do?

What my husband has told our son and the school that our son has permission to defend himself even if he has to punch back.  The school Director didn’t like this and said our son should continue to turn the other cheek. My husband told the school I’m not raising a punching bag. Thoughts? Comments?

PS:  our son is 5, he is an entire head taller than the aggressor.  He is using all his self control not to hit back.

Thanks for your advice!!!  Can’t wait to hear.