So many, too many of us have been there.  Fear of pregnancy after miscarriage.  Wondering what your advice would be for this woman…

Her Story:  A little over a month ago, I had an unexplained miscarriage when I was 10 weeks pregnant. My husband and I want to try and conceive again, but I am too scared I will not be able to deal with the constant panic and anxiety. I feel like everytime I go to the bathroom I will be expecting to see blood.  Has anyone been through this – what advice would you give me…  we really want to start our family.

Here is what we sent her, but would really love more comments to send to her, she needs our help.

I am sorry for your loss and pain. I too know the pain and devastation of miscarriage… my 1st pregnancy ended in miscarriage. I asked the dr when I could try again. She said 1 month after my cycle returned. We became pregnant right away… and I was so scared… but I didn’t want to be, I stress wasn’t good for the baby (or me). My friend gave me a special bracelet – I played with the bracelet and forced myself to think positive thoughts any time I was scared… it really helped. At my 20 week ultra sounds, when the dr said, you are having a healthy baby boy, I felt myself exhale… all the stress left. It felt like I was holding my breath for 20 weeks… tear ran down my cheeks – I was so excited! Our son is now 5… All I can say, was it was totally worth it to face my fears…

Over the years, I have known too many people who have suffered miscarriage…. my friend and I started a website and blog to help… maybe it will help you: and feel free to visit, read, leave a comment…  I will see if they have additional comments/advice/support for you.

I wish you comfort and happiness… I will keep you in my prayers.

Thanks for your help!