I am home tonight reflecting on a wonderful Mother’s Day.  Today was wonderful, I am so lucky.  However, over the years I have had many ups and downs on Mother’s Day…  How was your Mother’s Day?

My Ups – all the years with my mom and grandmothers, and these past 5 years with my son.  In fact today, we had a great morning today with the 3 of us, then caught up with my mom on the phone (just saw her last weekend), and then a good day at my MIL’s.

Downs – the year I had my miscarriage…  the year my SIL passed away, too young, with 3 kids.  They all seemed so young then.  While they are now all taller than me, they still seem too young to be without their mom.  And while they are doing well now, it still seems unfair.

This year in particular, I wonder how everyone is doing on Mother’s Day.  In the past few weeks, my friend lost her mom (a total surprise) and another friend loss her grand daughter 2 hrs after she was born (also a total surprise).

Their pain is so new, so raw – how did they do today?  It must have been so hard!  Just when they thought they cried all their tears out last week, there were new ones this week (or at least that is how I felt on my worst days following my worst Mother’s Day).  My thoughts and prayers are with them…

I hope your day was better…  let me know…