Mother’s Day is this weekend and this year there will be a bittersweet note in my celebration.   My 105-year-old great aunt died this January and would have celebrated her 106th birthday this weekend.   Auntie Jessie, as we called her, was as sharp as a tack until the last day of her life.   When my son’s kindergarten class was learning to count to 100, he brought in a picture of himself sitting on Auntie Jessie’s lap and told everyone that she was 100 years older than him.

Auntie Jessie lived close to me so I was able to visit her.   Often we would talk about all the “changes” to this world she had seen in her 100+ years and stories from her younger days.   She always had her handmade shortbread cookies ready to be taken home when I left.

At her memorial service, we took turns telling stories about Auntie Jessie. Even though we all knew her in different ways (as an aunt, grandmother, friend, neighbor, etc) it was clear that her amazing personality and funny sense of humor had touched us all in the same way.   Auntie Jessie would have loved that evening with her family & friends as we truly celebrated her life together.  

Celebrate with those you love & Happy Mother’s Day!