I received this new product from a friend of mine, it was so cool, I had to share (that means I am doing this b/c I want to, no compensation for this)….

Are you looking for something new to put in your family’s Easter Baskets?  And btw, could that something new be something the kids really want (has a big impression), fun, great tasting and maybe not too  much chocolate.  That would be my ideal.  Well I think I found it, Chocotreasure eggs!

OMG, my son could not wait to open his Chocotreasure egg.  How do I know? I was getting ready for work the other day and he came running in, “Mommy is this for me, can I open it, now?”

When I told him it was a chocolate egg with a toy inside his eyes grew in size!  He opened the egg…  to both our delights we found a thin layer of  milk chocolate that easily came off the plastic egg (no mess!)  While eating the chocolate my son asked how do I open the egg.  I told him to push hard on the bull’s eye and pull open.  It was a little tricky for my 5 yr old.  But he was more than content to eat the chocolate and have me open the egg.  I just started the opening process, he finished it.  He loved the puzzle inside.

After putting together the puzzle, my son said, “Mommy do you think we could tell the Easter Bunny about these eggs?  He should know about them!”