You know how every once in a while I find something so good I have to share…  well here is one of those times!

Do you remember the tag line, “gotta get a Gund”?  I do.  I remember really wanting a Gund bear, and how great it was when I received one for my birthday.  He was so cute and seriously soft!  Great for hugging!  Just for fun or for comfort after a skinned knee.

Well Snuffles is now 30!!!  (Can it be?)

Snuffles arms are always open, he is always ready to hug, he looks up at you when you hug him…  doesn’t that sound good?

Anyway, check Snuffles out on Facebook! Become a fan if you want…  let me know what you think…

Do you remember your first Gund?  Let me know…  post it on the Facebook page…

Think I will get one for my son…  he has a splinter that has to come out and he is putting it off (no pain please mommy, so I put anti-infaction spray on it each day, so far so good, seems to be working its way out)…  think Snuffles could help us through.

You “gotta get a Gund”!