While spending time at my local library I came across Mothering Magazine March -April 2010 (www.mothering.com) which had a lot of great articles in it.  One article caught my eye – “Mayan Womb Massage – –How an ancient technique can prepare your body for conception and ease menstrual cramps. ” – by Catherine S. Gregory. 

The article talked about the “importance of a properly positioned uterus” in the pelvis and what might result if the uterus is improperly positioned – painful pregnancies, difficult labor, ovarian cysts and even irregular ovulation or no ovulation resulting in infertility. 

Other non-fertility related problems could be frequent urination, UTIs, bladder & bowel incontinence, constipation and even varicose veins.  The article even has a “Do-it-yourself Mayan Massage” section (please read all the precautions before trying).  http://www.mothering.com/links/

I had never heard of this kind of massage  – have you???  Please let us know if the Mayan Massage has helped you and how.