As I posted recently, I read an article in Redbook by Ellen Welty 12 Questions That Will Change Your Life. In it, she asked 12 questions to reflect on…  Let continue:

2) Do I pay attention to my body’s needs?

I’d like to say yes… There are a number of needs…  medical, sleep, nutrition, exercise, physical, …  let’s see how I do…

Medical: over the past 10 years I have had a number of health annoyances.  I think I am fortunate…  I have great health care.  Yes, I work hard and pay a lot for it, but I have it (and I know not everyone does — small political commentary – don’t you think the people in DC could fix this at a reasonable price if they just got out of their own way — now back to the blog).

I have access to some of the best doctors…  my GP was voted best for women’s internal medicine by his peers in the state (I concur), one of the specialists I have seen is considered top 3 in the country in his field…   These doctors care, listen, are conservative in their approach, and take great care of me.

I think I am a pretty good advocate – could I be better, sure, but each year I manage to do something new to help me get healthier…  I try to avoid negatives and add positives.

Add Positives:  I do a number of “natural” remedies combined with traditional medicine…   acupuncture and neti pot for allergies, zinc for a cold, lots of citrus (to get vitamin c) in the winter, apple cider vinegar for heart health/complexion and acid reflux.  I have increased my tea consumption.

Avoid negatives:  2 years ago I gave up coffee, last summer I stopped all artificial sweetener and all diet soda, and this year I gave up all soda (x-gingerale, 1 per month) and other sugar drinks.

Sleep: Well, to be honest, it is Olympic season.   am totally into it…  so I am probably not getting enough sleep…  usually I get 7 hours, think that is good.

Nutrition: interestingly, my husband, son and I are seeing a nutritionist a week from tomorrow.  Think we could use some help here… we are making it a family adventure…  keeping my fingers crossed that this is a positive for the year!

Exercise: When it became clear, after 4 months or so, after a foot injury that I needed a new form of exercise, I started yoga.

Physical: Think my husband might have something to say if i didn’t sing his praises here, but that is personal, so let’s go with I am good here.

So in summary, think I do listen to my body…  I seek medical help when needed, I avoid negatives, I add positives,…

Do you listen to your body?