As I posted recently, I read an article in Redbook by Ellen Welty 12 Questions That Will Change Your Life. In it, she asked 12 questions to reflect on…  Let start at the beginning:

1) How do I spend my alone time?

This might be a little sassy, but the first thing that came to mind was, “alone time, down time, what is that”?  Ok, that is sassy, but there is a little truth in all humor/sassiness.  Why else would I be reading a Dec issue of Redbook in Feb, while getting a long over due hair cut…  so here are my reflections on my alone time…

I am very lucky – I have a very full life.  I am a mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend, …  I have an interesting day job, and I give back through

This manages to keep me pretty busy…  Then I thought about it more.  I found I do have some alone / down time, and I seem to make good use of it:

Each week, I cook a little. Actually, I really like to cook.  My husband also likes to cook, and very generously cooks most of the time during the week.  I usually do weekends…  I like the whole creative process of finding a menu, getting the ingredients, making dinner, and then sharing it with family (and friends).  In truth, the only thing I don’t like is the clean up.  Or I like playing my version of “ready, set, cook”.  Remember that show?  In my home version I take stock of what is in the fridge, freezer, and pantry and try to come up with a great dinner.

Each day I try to read a little, feed my mind – something that interests me.  On Friday, it is People Magazine (it is like brain candy, you know it too), I am currently reading a book about Abraham  Lincoln, “A Team of Rivals”, and I usually have one “mindless fun book going” – just finished the Twilight series.  I read these so I can speak to my nieces – all 6 of them.

Every other week I go to the acupuncturist for allergy treatments; it is only an hour, but I feel so great when leaving.  And the beauty is that I can’t do anything while having the treatment – I clear my mind, and just relax.  It took me a few months to be able to learn to let go, but now I love it.

And my new thing is yoga.  I hurt my foot in Sept, it has been a long recovery and I am still not quite there.  I need a sport that I can do for life.  The side benefit that I didn’t really expect is that the sport is really about the person doing it – there isn’t competition, it is about you – mind, body and soul… and all of mine feel great afterwards!  I wish I had started a long time ago…  I am trying to go 2 times per week…

So in reality I do have down / alone time, and in it I:  feed my body and creative spirit (cooking), feed my mind (reading), take care of my body/allergies, and feed all 3 – mind, body and soul – through yoga.

Like I said, I am pretty lucky.  How about you?